World IP Day celebrated in Helsinki

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated annually on 26th of April. The day was originally founded by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The main celebration in Finland was held in Helsinki on Friday 25th of April.

The audience consisted of over 200 professionals from different fields, including the public government, private enterprises and interest groups.

The day was set around of two panel discussions. The first was on 3D-printing and its prospects for the current IPR, as it may be used from prototypes and robotics to jewelry and health care. The topic was introduced by Risto Linturi, (Manager of Change, Sovelto Oy) and the discussion was led by Project Leader Lauri Kaira (LYHTY).

The next topic, fashion and IP, was introduced by Secretary General Marja-Leena Mansala (IPR University Center). The Panel, which consisted of Finnish designers and an IP lawyer, concluded that even though the knowledge of IPs in fashion has increased, there is still a need for more education.

Speaker of Parliament Eero Heinäluoma gave the ending words. The day was completed with cocktails and a movie.   

The day was organized by IPR University Center and Lyhty Creative industry and workers in Finland. World Intellectual Property Day was financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Maiju Hämäläinen
BA, LL.M Student
University of Turku

The writer works as a trainee at IPR University Center