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Did you know that…

…Eindhoven in Netherlands is the most inventive city in the world? The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) tracks patent applications for more than 250 cities around the world under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Based on this data Forbes has listed the 15 most inventive cities of the world. Eindhoven produced 22.6 patent applications for every 10 000 residents. The data also shows that the most inventive cities are concentrated in Northern Europe and the United States. Far behind Eindhoven come San Diego (8.95 patent apps per 10k residents) and San Francisco (7.57 patent apps per 10k residents) in California, which are followed by a city in southern Sweden, Malmo.  Fifth on the list is Grenoble in France.


Did you know that…

…since 2013, game studies has had its own thesis award in Finland? The hub of the Finnish game industry, Neogames, and the Digital Game Research Association’s (DiGRA) Finnish chapter joined their forces  to organize  a thesis competition  in order to award the best games related bachelor’s or master’s thesis. The first game studies award was given to Gabriel Rodríguez’s master’s thesis in the field of Education, titled Learning in Digital Games: A Case Study of a World of Warcraft Guild (University of Turku, 2012).  The peer review panel also awarded another thesis, Eevi Korhonen’s Evaluating Usability of Games: A Study of Four Facebook Games Using Heuristic Evaluation (Tampere University of Applied Sciences, 2012), with a commendation. Game-related curricula are offered by four vocational colleges, nine different universities of applied sciences and three universities in Finland.

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