IPRinfo 2/2009


Editorial: Making copyright understandable for the public Marja-Leena Mansala
Attorney number 6 – Patents have been Alexander Polikarpov’s speciality ever since the Soviet period Risto Paananen
What Will the New Chinese Patent Law Bring Forth? Liguo Zhang
Business Method Patents in the US – In re Bilski Rosa Maria Ballardini
Genes and Compound Protection – Disharmonisation in Europe? Ralf Uhrich
Dead Celebrities – ”Post mortem” Right of Publicity in the USA Petteri Korhonen
Using Copyrighted Works for Research Purposes Marjut Salokannel
Collective Management – A Push Towards Competition Martti Kivistö
Protection of Databases in EU – Definition of the Subject Matter Still Waited from the ECJ Sören Rieger
Anonymity in File Sharing Networks – Protection for criminals and human right workers alike Herkko Hietanen
Dot Confusion – ICANN is Planning Hundreds of New gTLDs Nick Wood
Trademark Infringement and Conflict of Laws Sami Sunila
In Search of New IP – Era of Sharing, Cooperation and Trust Niklas Bruun
The IPR Strategy of Finland: Protect and Play Mikko Huuskonen
An Ambitious Plan for Enhanching the Use of IPRs – Finnish IPR Strategy Has Seen Daylight Marja-Leena Mansala
IPR Research in Finland – New Dissertations are On the Way Päivi Helander
Community Designs: Comments on Invalidity Decisions Ruth Almaraz
A New Tool from the ICC – A Model Contract for Technology Transfer Lauri Railas
In Brief
Column: Copyright proper Jukka Kemppinen